Vision After 40: 4 Signs You Might Need Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses Eyelux Optometry

Sometimes called no-line bifocals, progressive lenses pack three separate prescriptions into one lens. These glasses are used by many people over 40 due to natural aging eyes, called presbyopia. There are several reasons why people are opting for modern glasses, instead of traditional bifocal or trifocals. Here are four signs that you may want to update your lenses to fit your vision needs:


1. Close Up Work Becomes Difficult

Activities that require a great level of detail vision at close distances naturally get more difficult as we age. Many people carry around several pairs of glasses for different purposes, this can be annoying. Even with bifocal or trifocals, there can be some blurriness in various distances. Progressive lenses more closely mirror your vision before experiencing presbyopia, making vision more comfortable at every distance. You can finally kick your reading glasses to the curb.


2. You Spend Several Hours On The Computer

People across the country today are spending upwards of 8 hours a day in front of a screen. Bifocals and trifocals increase the risk of computer vision syndrome because they often require the user to sit closer to the screen. This can have negative effects, not just on your vision, but on your posture and physical health.

If you spend a large amount of your day at the computer, there are also lens tints and coatings that prevent glare or blue-light headaches. These are available for progressive lenses, and your eye doctor will be able to recommend the coatings that are right for your vision needs.

3. Smooth Vision is a Must-Have

Bifocals can have a jarring effect when the wearer focuses their vision on the foreground vs. background. With modern lenses, the transition is smooth for vision at all distances, limiting nausea and other dizzy symptoms that may occur with bifocals. If you engage in physical activity while wearing glasses like sports, your symptoms can be exacerbated and these activities can become uncomfortable. Progressive lenses are an excellent option for athletes and for daily users who are sensitive to the vision adjustment between lenses.


4. You Want a Stylish Look

Traditional bifocals or trifocals are heavy duty eyewear. Many individuals don’t like the “Coke bottle” effect and are opting for the single lens that modern lenses offer. The no-line bifocal provides a more youthful, lighter look and are available in a wide variety of modern, smaller frame options. If you don’t want your glasses to have the obvious and thicker bifocal look, modern lenses are a great aesthetic solution.

Consult Your Eye Doctor

Only your trusted eye care professional can determine whether progressive lenses are right for you. If you’re looking for personalized, state-of-the-art eye care, consider Eyelux Optometry in San Diego. The practice’s staff are experts in eye health, including routine prescription lens fitting, vision eye exam, progressive glasses, corneal refractive therapy, sunglasses, and much more.

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