5 Common Myths About Disposable Contacts

Woman inserting contact lens

Nearly 61% of America’s population wears contact lenses. That’s a staggering number, but despite the widespread popularity of disposable contacts there are still are a whole range of myths out there about them. These days contact lenses are more comfortable, can be used for a wide variety of vision problems, and are more affordable than ever. This short guide is going to dispel some of the myths out there so you can see how safe and effective contact lenses truly are.

1. “I Just Can’t Wear Contacts”

Many people actually believe think that they just can’t wear contacts. But this is absolutely false! There have been so many advances in lens technology lately that nearly everyone can wear then. They come in a variety of styles from rigid to soft and can correct for all kinds of vision problems including astigmatism. You can even order disposable contacts for a specific problem you may be suffering from, just let your eye specialist know. Best of all here’s an easy guide on how to put in contact lenses.

disposable contacts

2. “Contact Lenses Take Too Much Effort”

Another common reason people avoid lenses is they find them to be too much trouble. However, think about how many times a day you might take off your glasses. Then they might need to be polished or cleaned and if the lenses get scratched you end up having to replace them. Nowadays, you have the option of daily, weekly, and even monthly disposable contacts. That means you can use these newer ones for longer and it only takes a few seconds to pop them in.

3. “I’m Too Old to Wear Contacts”

Many older adults feel that they are too old to switch to contacts. The truth is, there’s no age cutoff for contacts. Most people begin wearing disposable contacts in their early teens, but nowadays even people in the 80s are wearing them. It doesn’t take long to get used to wearing them and putting them and you can get better results than you do with glasses!

4. Contacts Might Get Stuck Behind Your Eyes

This is categorically false. A lot of people are worried that contacts may get stuck to the back of the eye, but that’s not how our eyes are shaped or how they work. While a blunt force trauma or excessive and aggressive rubbing of the eye may get a contact stuck under your eyelid, a few rewetting drops can quickly solve your issue. Our eyes have a membrane which wraps all the way around your eyelids inner surface, meaning there’s just no way a contact can get behind your eye.

disposable contacts

5. Sleeping in Contacts Causes Big Problems

Many people are worried that they cannot sleep in their contacts and are afraid they might forget at night. This is more or less true for daily disposable contacts because they are only for everyday wear, but if you happen to forget now or then, it’s no big deal. You may suffer a little discomfort and dry eye, but these effects are usually mild. But, nowadays, there are all kinds of contacts from Hubble contacts to monthly and some that you can even keep in while sleeping. Just be sure to confirm with your doctor and the type to make sure what their recommendation is and if it’s right for you.

The Key to Better Vision

There’s no better solution to vision correction than contacts. They are affordable, practical, easy to use, and with the right contact lens care, they can last a long time. Best of all, they are suitable for all kinds of activities from lounging around the house to scaling mountains and windsurfing. So talk with our professionals today to find the best pair for your vision needs.