How to Put on Contact Lenses for Sensitive Eyes

how to put on contact lenses

For most wearers, contacts are a great alternative to glasses. They offer improved peripheral vision, weigh practically nothing, and for the self-conscious contacts are more discreet aesthetically speaking. Putting in contact lenses for the first time can be difficult, even daunting because the tendency is to naturally repel any foreign object near the eye. This article highlights how to go about loading your contacts, and targets lens wearers with sensitivity issues.

Quick Summary for Busy People

  • Your fingers may touch the eye surface; wash your hands with soap and rinse in hot water
  • Open the contact case and remove one contact at a time
  • Position the contact on the index finger you feel most comfortable using
  • Use your thumb and index finger on your other hand to hold the upper and lower eyelid open
  • Carefully maneuver the contact in the direction of your eye
  • Lower the contact gently onto the cornea
  • Once positioned on the eye, release your eyelids and blink slowly so as not to dislodge the contact

Reverse Angle – A Closer Look at Removal

Having covered how to put on contact lenses, let’s take a closer look at the removal procedures, which are equally important and valid in terms of proper wearing protocols. Keep in mind that most contact wearers will feel apprehensive with the first couple of attempts at placing and removing contacts. This is natural and is the reason why we are writing this article on how to put on contact lenses and also remove them.

Removing Your Contacts is Equally Important

Now you have your contacts in and, presumably, you are adjusting well to them. The time comes when you really want or need to remove them. The “uninstall” procedure is the reverse process. Stay with us and learn how to do it correctly.

Although contacts effectively float on the surface of the eye, their precision design allows them to grip the eyeball quite firmly and remain in one position. The shape of the eyeball dictates just how firmly each lens adheres to the eye. Your eye surgeon will have done the math in getting each lens to deliver perfect vision with maximum wear comfort.

When you feel it’s time to remove your lenses, here is how to go about it:

  • Wash your hands to ensure that the fingers you plan to use to remove your lenses, are clean.
  • Put lubricating eye drops in each eye and blink to spread the fluid. While this is not essential, it sure helps during the removal process.
  • Look up by rolling your eye as high up as you can. Use the middle finger of your favored hand to keep the lower lid open.
  • Use the index finger of the same hand to make contact with the lens, and slide the contact down to the bottom – to the eye white.
  • Repeat the process for the other eye, using the same hand for contact lens removal.

Abracadabra; How to put on Contact Lenses (and Remove them)

Soon, the how to put on contact lenses – and remove them too – will become second nature and straightforward. The only warning we feel the need to highlight is never to fall asleep with your contacts still in. Consult with your eye surgeon if you want to know why.

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