What is Presbyopia and Can it be Corrected?

Woman with presbyopia reading a newspaper

You may have not necessarily heard the word presbyopia, yet it is something you will likely encounter at some point in your life. Presbyopia is a condition related to as age-related farsightedness, which primarily causes your eyes to lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. Unfortunately, it is a chronic condition, that may last for years or even be lifelong. Since the condition is natural and related to aging, even with eye conditions such as nearsightedness, you will likely still experience it. However, there is no reason to worry. Treatment options are readily available from your optometrist. A basic eye exam can confirm whether your symptoms related to age-related farsightedness.




Symptoms and Causes

Presbyopia is a natural condition caused by age. It may be annoying, but it is something that many of us must face when aging. Usually, the condition starts developing from early to mid-forties, and it can gradually worsen to around mid-sixties. Although the cause of presbyopia is directly related to aging, the direct cause is gradual thickening and loss of flexibility within the lens inside the eye.

You might start noticing how a newspaper, a menu at a restaurant, or maybe even text messages from your smartphone become harder to read. You might try to focus your eyes better moving objects farther away from your eyes. This is a common symptom. Other symptoms may include headaches or eye strain after doing close-up work or reading. If you experience any of these possible presbyopia effects, contact an optometrist to schedule a comprehensive eye exam to confirm the condition. Your optometrist can provide you with different options in treating the refractive error.

Some symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Headaches
  • Eye Strain
  • Visual Fatigue


Treatment options

Once you have seen an optometrist for an eye exam, they can confirm whether or not you have presbyopia.

This condition does not cure itself, but it does have multiple treatment options available. The most common one is obtaining prescription glasses or reading glasses. With glasses, you will be able to enjoy a book or newspaper without experiencing any difficulties. Also, using a smartphone and reading a menu at the restaurant becomes as easy as before.

Some people choose not to use glasses. Other options for treatment include contact lenses or eye surgery. Contact lenses require a little more work and getting used to compared to glasses. For some people, contact lenses may be a preferable option instead of glasses. Others may experience discomfort in wearing them. Finally, surgery provides you with a more permanent resolution to your presbyopia. Different surgery alternatives exist to correct vision, however, the implantation of corneal inlay is the corrective procedure preferred by many. 

To find out what is the best option for you, fill out an appointment request form today to discuss with a professional. Eyelux Optometry is experienced and professional. Our team of optometrists can help pair you with the best eyewear that will fulfill your needs.