6 Ways Adjusting Glasses can Better Your Eyesight

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Having the right fitted pair of shoes is vital for your comfort and physical health. Similarly, adjusting glasses for your comfort and visual health is extremely important. Glasses which are not adjusted can seem like a tiny problem which can be ignored, but it can cause a variety of issues which affect your lifestyle and unknowingly worsen your eyesight over time.

It’s true when they say that you may need time adjusting to prescription glasses. However, your glasses may not be adequately adjusted if you choose the wrong frame type, size or weight. Also, their fitting may be damaged by a fall, bump or naturally over time. Continued usage may affect your vision and even your daily activities.

Here’s Why Adjusting Glasses is Essential:

1) Full Visual Potential

Whether you are reading or driving your car, a well-adjusted pair of glasses gives you the complete satisfaction of clear vision. With the right lens, you have better concentration, and you are not continually wondering- ‘Does this feel right?’ or ‘Is this clear enough?’. Having a pair of eyeglasses where the optical center of the lenses is correctly aligned with your pupils helps to correct your vision more accurately.

2) Prevents Making Your Prescription Worse

If your glasses are not adjusted appropriately, you may risk your eyes requiring a more powerful prescription later which may hinder you from getting advanced treatments like LASIK. But with the right adjustment, this can easily be avoided.

3) No Headache

For older children and adults, headaches are usually the most common that indicate a disturbance in vision. In spite of wearing glasses, if your headache does not go away, and there is no other reason for its occurrence, then your glasses are to blame. This can be avoided by consulting your optician and adjusting glasses.  

4) No Strain on Your Eyes

Eye strain can cause pain in and around the eyes, blurring of vision, watering or dry eyes, headache, dizziness, and even neck and shoulder pain. Although this is common in people who sit for long hours in front of a computer or drive for extended periods, it also affects people whose glasses are not fitted well. When glasses are adjusted according to your individual needs, you get the experience of optimal vision which produces no strain on your eyes.

5) No Need to Take Them Off

When your glasses don’t fit properly and keep annoying you by slipping or bending out, you are more than tempted to take them off. This puts you and your vision at risk of worsening. But, when your glasses feel comfortable and give you the desired vision, you are happy to keep them on, thus avoiding unnecessary strain on your eyes.

6) Prevents Amblyopia

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a disorder where the eyes fail to achieve normal vision during development. It mostly affects infants and children, usually affecting only one eye. Permanent damage to vision can be avoided when caught early, and optimal vision can be provided by adjusting glasses.

Although ill-fitted or wrongly adjusted glasses may cause no severe side effects, it is still recommended that you get your glasses adjusted as soon as you realize it. Also, rather than adjusting glasses yourself, it’s wiser to get it done by an experienced optician. Your optician knows better about your prescription and has the right tools to correct it. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about fixing your lenses.