Here’s What No One Tells You About Eyeglass Cleaning

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Some estimates claim that up to 60% of people require eyeglasses, and even conservative estimates put that figure at 25%. Nowadays, glasses are just as fashionable as they are necessary for those with vision problems but keeping them clean is crucial if you want to enjoy near-perfect sight as well as ensure your glasses survive as long as possible.

Keeping your glasses in pristine condition is as straightforward as wiping them with your t-shirt and perhaps some hot water from time to time – right? Such methods can permanently damage your eyeglasses, forcing you to pay for replacements unnecessarily. For that reason, this article sheds light on some of the lesser-known facts concerning eyeglass cleaning

You’re Not Actually Cleaning Glass

When first invented, glasses got their name because they were manufactured using hand-crafted chips of glass mounted in bone or leather. However, most modern eyeglasses contain little to no genuine glass. Instead, lenses tend to be made from shatter-resistant plastic lenses, making them safer for the wearer. Plastic lenses have also opened the doors to high-index lens development.

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You Shouldn’t Use Your T-Shirt to Clean Your Eyeglasses

How many times have you seen somebody use their t-shirt to attempt to remove smudges from their lenses? Unfortunately, while instinct may drive you to use any old cloth to clean your glasses, using a t-shirt will usually make matters worse in the long run. Instead, use an eyeglass cleaning cloth that’s designed specifically for lenses.

You Can’t Buff Out Scratches

While some lenses are scratch-resistant, scratch-proof glasses do not exist. Some people have gone to great lengths to remove scratches from their glasses, with many even resorting to the use of sandpaper to ‘buff out’ scratches. If you don’t want to damage your eyeglasses, keep them on your face or in a case. You might be able to treat but not eliminate minor scratches using an eyeglass cleaning kit.

You Can’t Substitute Homemade Cleaning Solutions For Real Eyeglass Cleaning Product

Vinegar and baking soda, as many people will agree, make the perfect homemade cleaning solution – but not for glasses. Such products that contain acid can damage the coating on your lenses. The best way to minimize the risk of causing damage is to use an eyeglass cleaning solution.

You CAN Use Dish Soap and Water to Clean Your Glasses

Provided you don’t use hot water; you can use a small amount of non-lotion dishwashing liquid to keep your glasses clean.

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Professional Cleaning Can Prolong the Lifespan of Your Eyeglasses

Do you think spending money on professional cleaning is wasteful? Eyecare specialists can replace yellowing nose pads and other components to make your glasses last longer. If your lenses are fine but other elements of your glasses aren’t in such good shape, visit an eye care center near you.

At EyeLux Optometry, we provide professional eye exams plus a range of designer glasses and safe cleaning solutions to people of all ages, and we’re happy to offer advice to help you keep your eyeglasses in excellent condition. If you think you or a family member may require visual correction treatment, call us at (858) 487-7900 or book your San Diego eye exam online today.