Learn How to Put In Contact Lenses in Less Than 24 Hours

how to put in contact lenses

Having a clear vision is very important. You need your eyes to read things on a day to day basis, to observe the road whenever you’re driving, and just to see what you’re doing in general. But for those of us with poor vision, wearing glasses or knowing how to put in contact lenses are the only viable solutions.

Some people don’t like the look or feel of glasses, so they have to switch to contacts. There are eye exams for contacts you can take to see if they might be right for you, and there are contact lenses for all types of eyes as well.

Contacts are a convenient and efficient way to improve your vision without making a publically noticeable change for yourself. If you’ve never tried contact lens then you might find yourself wondering how do you put in contact lenses. After all, you do have to essentially place them right over your eye for them to work, and touching your eyeball isn’t something you do every day.

Wearing contacts for the first time can seem a bit a bit scary for some people. So in order to prevent you from having any trouble when putting them in, let’s take a look at exactly how to put in contact lenses.

how to put in contact lenses Eyelux Optometry

Are Contact Lenses Easy to Put in?

The simple answer is yes, they are. Take a look at the following method.

1) Wash your hands. Make sure to thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry both hands before touching your contacts. You don’t want to get them dirty before you put them in your eyes.

2) Open your case, and then place the lens on the tip of your finger by touching it gently. This step is essential to how to put in contact lenses because it will be easier to apply the more it sits on the tip of your finger

3) Pull your eye open gently with your other hand.

4) Look upwards while you gently place the contact lens on the white of your eye.

5) Look down and blink until the lens centers over your pupil.

how to put in contact lenses Eyelux Optometry

How to Store Contact Lenses

– Always make sure your hands are clean before you remove or insert your contacts.

– Only use contact solution that is fresh when you are storing, disinfecting, or cleaning your contacts. This is also important to note when learning how to put in contact lenses because if you use dirty solution, your eyes will sting.

– Clean the case you keep your contacts in on a daily basis with fresh contact solution.

– When done cleaning your case, dry it off with a clean tissue and store it upside down with the caps off after each time you use it.

– Replace your contact lens case every 3 months.

Other Tips for Contact Wearers

Never sleep with your contacts in unless your doctor gives you the go-ahead. They could slip behind your eye in your sleep or get stuck in a weird position. Your corneas also need time to breathe overnight.

Don’t go swimming, take baths/showers, or get in a hot tub while wearing contact lenses. You should also keep a backup pair of glasses for the inevitable moment you lose one or both of your contacts and have to get some more.

You should also schedule a yearly eye exam with your optometrist just to keep tabs on how your vision is doing. Wearing contacts can take some getting used to, but once you learn how to put contacts in, it becomes like second nature to you.