Myths, Beliefs and Facts about What Hurts our Eyes and Vision

eyes and vision

Our eyes are one of our most precious organs. And that’s why we want to take care of them the best we can. But many times, there are “facts” all over the Internet or old wives’ tales about what hurts our eyes and vision that are pure legends.

Let’s Analyze a Few and See if We Can Give You Peace of Mind

“Don’t sit too close to the tv!” or “Looking at your laptop all day will make you blind!”

Myth. Even though our eyes weren’t designed to look at a screen all day long, it won’t bring any long term damage. Damage can be done temporarily by not blinking enough which will cause dryness. Digital eye fatigue is not an illness.

“There’s not enough light here for you to read! You’ll go blind!”

Myth. Poor light will cause eye fatigue, but it won’t damage your eyes permanently. What a relief to hear that one right?

“My parents had to get glasses at 45, so I’ll probably will too”

Not always! Genetics play a big part in our eyes and vision health, but it’s not a guarantee. And some problems come up whether there’s family history or not.

“If I use my glasses too much, my eyes will depend on them”

Myth. Using glasses doesn’t deteriorate the physiology of your eyes. With time, you might depend on them more because of age. And the truth is, our eyesight will deteriorate with time. It’s too bad, but it’s a fact.

Another harsh fact is that eating carrots won’t necessarily give us bionic eyesight. Though diet is important for our overall health which includes our eyes and vision. Momma lied!

Now Onto the Things That Do Hurt Our Eyes and Vision


Vitamin D is great but there’s a real threat with exposing your eyes to the sun, and that is damage. Wear sunglasses with UV protection every time you have to be in the sunlight. And it looks cool too.

Eye drops

What? Yes, some eye drops can cause damage because of the preservatives they contain. (could they even be poison?) It’s very normal to suffer from eye dryness but if you do, opt for the drops that come in individual blister for single use. They don’t have as many preservatives. And if your eyes are itchy, put the drops in fridge first so the coolness acts as a calming effect.

Wearing contact lenses in some places

When going to bed, in the shower, hot tubs, or swimming pool, wearing contact lenses can hurt our eyes because they won’t be getting enough oxygen. Make sure to give your blinkers a breath of fresh air.


Wearing protective goggles when swimming is recommended to protect the eyes from the irritating chemicals.

Ignoring signs

“Flashing lights, pain, fuzzy vision, redness or light sensitivity can all be signs of problems, and they may not disappear on their own” says an article from If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, book an eye exam as soon as possible. It could be something completely minor, but ignoring your eyes and vision potential problems could lead to worse ones.

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