Foods that are Beneficial for Your Eyes

good food for eyesight improvement

We all know the drill, our parents made sure we understood the importance of eye care in terms of maintaining the best possible vision. At least once-a-year check ups with the eye surgeon are hugely important even if we feel that everything is fine. The message is clear; never take your eyes for granted. Eating good food for eyesight improvement is a good start. Let’s take a closer look at the menu.

Focus on Genes and Decent Diet

Following a well-balanced diet helps maintain a healthy weight considering your age, height, and general health. It also lowers your chances of obesity and related diseases such as type-two diabetes, which is also the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Eye health begins at an early age and links closely with the food we enjoy. Intake of nutrients like vitamins C and E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and lutein definitely help ward off vision problems normally associated with aging.

Even people in their 40s can suffer macular degeneration and develop cataracts. Stay with us and find some easy ways to ensure that you have an adequate sufficiency of important nutrients in your diet:

  • Common fish rich in oil such as tuna, oyster, and salmon
  • Citrus fruits and pure, undiluted fresh fruit juices
  • Meat alternative protein sources such as nuts, eggs, and varieties of bean

These are just some suggestions, and consulting your dietitian makes good sense before embarking on a new diet.

Not Just Diet, Light Causes Eye Problems Too

Since too much UV (ultraviolet) exposure boosts your chances of cataracts and macular degeneration, a good pair of shades will help protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays. Choose sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Wraparound lenses help protect your eyes from the side. Polarized lenses reduce glare while driving.

Food-for-Thought Tips for Eyes

Smartphones are big news and great devices but think of your eyes as you try to read small fonts and enticing images. This puts your eyes under strain, which can have undesirable side effects over time. Even watching TV in a dimly lit room is not a good idea. Performing regular neck exercise helps to relax your eyes too. Exercise your neck by nodding your head up and down and rotating it in circular movements. This increases blood circulation to your neck and eyes.

Good Food for Eyesight Improvement

Eating good food for eyesight improvement is the right place to start.

Quality Rest is Important:

  • DO: get sufficient rest, as sleep enables overworked eye muscles to relax completely
  • DON’T: Maintain one activity for too long. A regular break for a few minutes helps to rest your eyes

Keep Hydrated

  • DO: Increase your water intake, if your eyes seem tired, blurry or dry. This is particularly so in temperature extremes
  • DON’T: Just wash your face when you visit the bathroom, dab your eyes with fresh, cool water while you are about it!

Your Eye Surgeon is Key

Visit your eye surgeon at least once a year and more frequently if you suffer from seasonal eye issues. Listen carefully to what they offer by way of advice and implement any program suggested. Eating good food for eyesight improvement is the right place to start.

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