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keratoconus treatment

In our teens leading to our twenties and our thirties, our vision can start to blur. This is usually correctable. Hence, it is a good idea to consult an optometrist about remedial action soon. In some cases, the root cause could be gradual thinning of the cornea. The solution may be one or other form of keratoconus treatment. You could get your clear vision back thanks to wonderful advances in eye treatments.

Please Tell Me More about Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a condition affecting the transparent layer on the front of the eye we call the cornea. Normally this is round like a ball, but the disease causes it to bulge forward so it is becomes more like a cone. This distorts light entering the eye. Not all of this reaches the retina where it would be in sharp focus. The result is blurry vision. The solution is keratoconus treatment.

Symptoms Indicating You May Need Keratoconus Treatment

The most common symptoms of keratoconus include double vision, blurry vision, deteriorating long vision, and increasing sensitivity to light. We don’t know what causes it, although this may be a combination of hormonal, genetic and environmental factors. If you have any of the symptoms, please do not rub your eyes. This may sharpen your sight for a few minutes, but you could actually be making your condition worse.

What Does Keratoconus Treatment Actually Do?

Keratoconus treatment is a progressive process. Initially, we often achieve excellent results with spectacles, or contact lenses. As the condition continues to develop, we may switch to rigid contact lenses. At this point in the process, we aim to avoid surgical interventions and be as non-invasive as possible. However, the time may come when we must consider larger contact lenses.

Wonderful Advances Now Possible Thanks to Scleral Lenses

So far, we have been discussing regular-size contact lenses we can rest on our fingertips. Scleral lenses are larger, and anything from the size of a nickel to a quarter. They cover the white part of the eye too. They are surprisingly comfortable. Moreover, people with weaker sight may find them easier to handle. We regularly help patients avoid eye surgery through using scleral lenses. They are a positive development because operations always have an element of risk.

Is That the Same Thing as Corneal Cross Linking?

No, not all, this is something completely different. Corneal cross linking is a non-surgical form of keratoconus treatment for reinforcing a cornea weakened by corneal disease. First, we apply liquid riboflavin, or vitamin B2 to the surface of the eye. Then we treat it with ultraviolet light to remove the outward bulging of the cornea.

Seek Professional’ Advice about Keratoconus Treatment

We recommend you consult a professional specialist if you are concerned about your eyesight. You have only one pair of eyes and you should look after them as best you can. We only focused on a few aspects of keratoconus treatment here. There are many other options. The right treatment depends on the condition of your eyesight. One size does not fit all when it comes to our eyes.

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