The Pros and Cons of Reading Glasses

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Have you been worrying if you’ll soon need to buy a pair of reading glasses? Are these letters getting a little fuzzy? Don’t be scared if you start realizing you can’t read up close. Don’t panic! This is something that a lot of people start realizing sometime in their life, whether they’re young or old. If you see that you need to stretch your arm more and more to be able to focus on the words it might be a sign that you need reading glasses. But that is not always the case!

Help, I Can’t Read Up Close!

The first thing we advise you to do is set up an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Have a full eye exam. Are you having headaches? Are you tired? There are a lot of circumstances that inhibit you from properly focusing on up close reading. You might not necessarily need reading glasses.

The Pros and Cons of Reading Glasses

Once you make an appointment with at your local optometry office they can give you an idea of what might be happening to your vision.

Often times headaches and nausea can result from wearing the wrong prescription of readers or may have optical centers far from your pupil centers.

This is why we recommend having an eye doctor specialist do an eye exam. These are a regular recommendation even if you don’t experience regular problems with your eyesight.

Reading Glasses Don’t Deteriorate Your Eyesight

Yes, you can become more dependent on using them, but if you notice your eyesight getting weaker over time it is not because of you wearing reading glasses. Your eyesight naturally fades and falters as you grow older. Many people develop presbyopia during their middle and old age years.

‘Readers’ Help Improve Your Vision

Unfortunately we haven’t invented glasses that fully correct eye problems, they only help eyesight. Take extra measures to protect your eye health because once damage is done, it becomes harder to repair it.

Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Reading glasses are cheaper, safer, and often times cleaner. They cost less and they don’t have to be replaced as often. Glasses are used externally, so you don’t have to risk poking your eye or causing a possible eye infection. They also require less maintenance overall.

Even though it could mean bad news that you need to wear reading glasses, think about all your new style options and the wrinkles you’ll avoid by no longer squinting.

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