Things You Should Know before Buying Special Effect Contact Lenses

special effect contact lenses

Vision correction used to be a matter of assessing the performance of each eye in terms of a perfect score of 20/20 vision. The optometrist was then able to work out the thickness of glass required for each eye so that spectacles would adjust for any imbalance, and the wearer would enjoy near-perfect vision. These days, a number of solutions are available to correct visionary problems. The contact lens option is just one of them, and this includes trendy special effect contact lenses.

Enter Special Effect Contact Lenses

Special effect contact lenses are available commercially irrespective of what you normally wear to correct your vision – eyeglasses or normal contact lenses, for example. Special effect contacts come in a variety of options to make a statement for their wearer, decorative lenses that reflect the trademark logo of your favorite sports team, for example. Actors and movie stars use special effect lenses for their different roles on stage or in front of cameras. Nobody may market contact lenses in the U. S. without approval from the FDA. Anyone selling you contact lenses must get your prescription and verify it with your eye doctor.

Setting the Rules

The FDA informs us “There are two general categories of contact lenses – soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP). All contact lenses require a valid prescription.” For more detailed information click here. The FDA also has much to share on what it describes as “decorative contact lenses” with warnings aplenty – you can check for yourself right here, because no person should put their eyes at risk for the sake of vanity.

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Special Effect Contact Lenses

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Book an eye exam

A licensed eye doctor should examine your eyes to make sure the contact lenses fit properly. Correct fitting of contact lenses is vital. Incorrect fitting can cause damage to your eyes. Visit your eye doctor once a year for follow-up eye exams.

Get the prescription

Your optometrist will write you a prescription for decorative lenses and all other contacts. The prescription should include the brand name, correct lens measurements and expiry date.

Follow the contact lens care instructions

Follow the instructions that cover wearing, cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses. Ask your eye doctor for these instructions if you do not receive them with the lenses.

Seek medical attention

If your eyes are red, you have ongoing pain, or any discharge you should immediately remove your special effect contact lenses. Then seek professional advice. These symptoms all indicate an eye infection.

Just like your PIN, never share your contact lenses – All eyes are different shapes and sizes. Your contact lenses are fitted just for you. Never share them.

Remember that contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing eyeglasses, but each patient is different. Some wear lenses only on weekends, special occasions or for sports. When it comes to special effect contact lenses, you are bound to find many questionable sources. Don’t fall for them!

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