Why Wearing Sunglasses is Important to Your Eye Health

wearing sunglasses

We all make sure that we protect our skin with SPF 30 but we forget that our eyes are also susceptible to sun damage. Sunglasses are usually only worn when we think the sun is affecting our vision or simply as a fashion accessory. However, they are an important accessory for the protection of our eyes. Our eyes are vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and weather elements which can affect the health of our vision in numerous ways.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Wearing Sunglasses is Important:

1) Protection From UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays can cause significant damage to our eyes and can lead to:

Cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium & photokeratitis

  • Cataracts are when the lens develops cloudy patches which can lead to blurred vision and ultimately blindness. Studies have shown that 20% of cataracts cases are caused by the overexposure of UV rays. The WHO claimed that 900,000 people worldwide have been affected by UV radiation-induced cataracts.
  • Macular degeneration occurs when the retina is damaged by UV radiation which causes loss of central vision.
  • Pterygium is a benign growth on the white part of the eye which can cause astigmatism and blurred vision as well as severe discomfort.  
  • Photokeratitis refers to sunburn of the eye. It is temporary and can heal within 48 hours but it’s extremely painful and can cause blurred vision.

UV protected sunglasses can prevent these eye diseases.

Skin Cancer

  • The skin around our eyes is very thin and sensitive to sunlight. 5-10% of skin cancers are found around eyes.

We can prevent such cancer by simply wearing sunglasses.

2) Protection From Elements

Elements can cause significant damage to our eyes. Wearing sunglasses can protect us from rain, dust, sand, wind, snow, and other everyday debris we come in contact with. Simple things like sand can be harmful to our eyes as the grains of sand can scratch our eyes and cause long-lasting damage.

Wind can cause all the moisture in our eyes to dry up, causing the dry-eye syndrome. Winter dry eyes are just one symptom that could affect your vision. Wind also blows around dust and debris which commonly causes soreness and irritation but also corneal abrasion and eye infections. Therefore, wearing sunglasses during winter sports is important.

3) Protection From Aging

When we’re not wearing sunglasses, we often find ourselves squinting. The skin around our eyes is thin and sensitive so squinting leads to wrinkles and crow’s feet. Therefore, wearing sunglasses helps to preserve a youthful appearance, while also protecting the skin.

3) Protection From Mirganes

Sunlight can act as a trigger for migraines; a recent survey reported that bright light is a trigger for 67% of migraine sufferers. Eye strain and fatigue from constant squinting can also lead to headaches and discomfort. Wearing sunglasses can prevent headaches and protect vision as well as overall health.

Finally, start wearing sunglasses whenever the sun’s out and make sure you buy protective glasses. Wearing sunglasses is one way to keep your eyes healthy and white. Remember that the darkness or color of sunglasses does not indicate the level of protection. If you’re having any doubt about your current pair, stop in your local opticians and ask whether they are protecting your eyes properly.