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digital retinal imaging

5 Diseases that a Digital Retinal Imaging Exam Detects

Detecting vision problems early on is far better than when serious complications arise. By then, it might be too late. Digital retinal imaging is a fast, efficient and painless method that eye doctors use to view inside the eyes and capture different changes, if any, that could indicate the presence of vision or other health… Read More

Eye Examination

Do You NEED a Contact Lens Exam to Get Contacts?

Whether you’re a glasses veteran and you’re ready to make a change or you just found out that you need a vision correcting device, contact lenses can be a convenient solution for many people. Thanks to advancements in technology, contact lenses are more accessible than ever, offering millions of people pristine vision without the hassle… Read More

Optometrist reviewing chart with patients

Going to an Optometrist vs. Online Glasses Retailers: An Exploration

These days, you can buy anything online. Whether you need groceries, furniture, or that bestseller you’ve been meaning to read, you can have them all conveniently delivered to your door without ever stepping foot in a store. It’s true for eyeglasses, too. With your prescription in hand, you can search thousands of styles online to… Read More

An Eye Doctor performing a slit lamp exam on a patient

The Different Types of Eye Exams and What They Test For

When it comes to eye health, there’s a big difference between a comprehensive eye exam and a basic vision screening. Comprehensive exams performed by professionals include many different tests, often in a single sitting. Below is a list of the most common eye tests included in comprehensive, professional eye exams:    Visual Acuity The classic… Read More

Comprehensive Eye Examination doctor and patient

5 Conditions Detected in a Comprehensive Eye Exam

If you have ever had vision problems or wear eyeglasses, you understand the importance of a regular eye exam. What most people do not realize is that an eye exam can detect many other health conditions beyond poor eyesight. Eyes are not only a window to the soul, but one to our health. Warning signs… Read More

6 ways you can benefit from digital retinal imaging eye exam EyeLux Optometry

6 ways You Can Benefit from a Digital Retinal Imaging Eye Exam

Your eyes are one of the most precious parts of your body and deserve the best possible care. It is always better to understand the various examinations and tests your eye doctor will conduct to diagnose underlying retinal conditions. During routine eye exams, your optometrist or ophthalmologist will assess the health of your eyes. If… Read More

Older woman having her routine eye exam

Why are Routine Eye Exams Vital?

The eye is one of the most sensitive and delicate organs of the body that allows us to see what the world has to offer. Scheduling routine eye exams can ensure the safety of your eyes. Regardless of your age, a yearly comprehensive eye exam will help to diagnose and treat eye problems at their… Read More

optomap vs dilation Eyelux

Eye Health: Optomap vs Dilation

Technological advances have made retinal imaging extremely easy and hi-tech. The Optomap is a device that is used to capture an ultra-wide field digital image of the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye that captures light and makes vision possible. The Optomap captures a 200-degree high-resolution image and… Read More

digital retinal imaging eye exam Eyelux Optometry

5 Things to Expect During a Digital Retinal Imaging Eye Exam

Have you been experiencing flashes of light randomly through the day while looking at an object? Or seeing floaters in front of your eyes? Are you suffering from diabetes? If you nodded yes to any of these, then you should probably be scheduling digital retinal imaging eye exam. Retinal imaging uses a camera-like device to… Read More

pediatric eye exam Eyelux Optometry

Family Vision: Understanding Your Pediatric Eye Exam Results

Why an Eye Exam is Important There is nothing more important than the health of our eyes. And this is doubly true for children. Vision is the key to success in the classroom, in the home, and pretty much anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, even if you have a good understanding of eye exams, they… Read More

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